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Roofs are the protective part of the building. A strong roof is required to protect the building from the dangers of the harsh environment. So, the material used to construct the roof must be sturdy and resistant so that it can provide long-term safety and security to the building. Metal roofing is a perfect choice in these times for residential and commercial purposes. They can mimic the traditional material used for roof construction such as clay, cedar, or asphalt shingles.

If you are new in metal roofing and want to hire contractors for your metal roofing project, Doral Metal Roofing Company in your town of Doral, Florida, is a perfect choice. Here, we aim to provide quality services and suggestions in metal roofing. Metal roofs are very versatile. There are so many types of metal roofs, each of which has a unique style and importance. Metal shingle roofs are preferred by architects and constructors these days. They look extremely beautiful and match the background of your house extremely well.

Metal shingles provide a great amount of curb appeal to the houses which have bricks or a classical colonial type of house.

What is a metal shingle roof?

A stamping press is used to manufacture a metal shingle roof. Metals such as aluminum and zinc are formed in the form of a metal coil that is fed and dies stamps the shingles. In the very first step, the profile of the shingles is stamped out, and then locks are made in the second or the third step. After that, the shingles come out of the press and then are packed. They can be mimicked to look like their alternatives.

Metal shingles can be textured, layered, or given stone topcoats. They are generally available in single pieces but can be formed in the form of large panels to make the installation process simpler.  Metal shingles are mainly low profile and come with a four-way interlocking system. Low profiles are beneficial for easy walking on metal shingles during installation. This will reduce the chance of shingles getting damaged, and they possess a simpler flashing system, which also reduces the labor cost for installation.

Some basics of installation of metal shingle roofs – they are installed from the eave of the roof. The first layer of shingles is hooked to the starter trim, which is then nailed or screwed to the roof deck. Nails or especially built-in hemp or clips are used to attach the metal shingles to the roof deck.

During the metal shingle roof installation, the entire row is not constructed at once (going from one end to another), but more than one rows of shingles are laid down. The rows are laid down in a diagonal pattern wherein the shingles are kept in a staggering manner to get the maximum rows possible.

The metal shingle roofs are low profile, and the flashing system used here is not so complex. The z- bar flashing is not required by a metal shingle roof. It’s easier to install as compared to standing seam metal roofs.

Metal Shingle Roof-Doral Metal Roofing Company
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What are the advantages of using metal shingle roofs?

  • It is a fact that metal roofing costs higher as compared to present-day alternatives. But many homeowners who plan to stay in that house are choosing it because they want that the roof should stay for a long time. Metal roofs are just a one-time expenditure. Your investment will surely pay off as metal roofs can stay for about 50 years, which is thrice the time duration of asphalt shingles. Metal roofs have high durability, i.e., they are not affected by corrosion, algal, or mildew growth in their lifetime. The metal shingle roofs require little to no maintenance and come with a great warranty.
  • Natural hazards and other environmental conditions such as snow, hail storms, high-velocity winds (120 mph) cause no harm in the functioning of metal roofs.
  • The weight of metal shingles is light though they are completely strong and fit well in any environment. Metal shingle roofs are capable of being installed on existing or old roofs. This comes as a great advantage that tearing or removal of old panels and shingles is not required. This also reduces the cost of labor. The stress on landfill and disposal sites will also reduce considerably.
  • When we talk about fire resistance, there is no match as of metal shingle roof. Metal roofs have been certified as class A material in providing protection against fires. So, they find their use in areas that are prone to wildfires.
  • Installing metal roofs will increase the value of your property. They will provide a whole new look to your building. They come in various designs and color options to choose from. If you are careful about saving the environment from anthropogenic action, your one step can cause many changes.
  • The metal roofs are made from 25% recycled material. Not only can this, but the metal panels and shingles are recycled with 100% efficiency.

At Doral Metal Roofing Company, you will get your roof constructed by trained and experienced roofers. We have constructed a lot of metal shingle roofs in the town. 

Why is Doral Metal Roofing Company the smartest choice for you?

Our company aims at providing quality service at reasonable pricing. The deals and schemes we provide are surely in favor of our customers. We believe in hard work and providing honest and genuine services to all our customers. All the metal roofing projects we have handled in the past are really appreciated.

We have been working in the metal roofing field of metal roofing for over a decade, and the experience gained by our roofers is immense. Our roofers will carefully analyze your roofing site and guide you with the pros and cons of all the options that are suitable for you.

Once you hire us, you will experience high class and peaceful services. All you have to do is grab your phones and dial our number to set up your bookings with Doral Metal Roofing Company!

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